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Bone cement fatigue - ASTM F2118 / ISO 16402

Normative References  

ASTM F2118: Standard Test Method for Constant Amplitude of Force Controlled Fatigue Testing of Acrylic Bone Cement Materials

ISO 16402: Implants for surgery - Acrylic resin cement - Flexural fatigue testing of acrylic resin cements used in orthopaedics

This test method describes test procedures for evaluating the constant amplitude, uniaxial, tension-compression uniform fatigue performance of acrylic bone cement materials. This test method is relevant to orthopaedic bone cements based on acrylic resins, as specified in Specification F451. The procedures in this test method may or may not apply to other surgical cement materials. Dog bone shaped specimens are loaded at constant stress amplitude to generate SN-curves.

This normative reference is related to ISO 5833 which describes the static material properties of bone cement.

ISO 16402 also describes fatigue testing of bone cement specimens. A four-point bending test is used in combination with flat specimens.  

Implant Testing - Bone cement fatigue - ASTM F2118 / ISO 16402