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EndoLab® GmbH offers a variety of technological implant testing services to develop and certify medical products. We are an accredited (DAkkS O-PL-18838-02-00) and certified (ZLG-P-944.98.07) test laboratory according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and 93/42/EWG. The company is a spin-off from the Technical University of Munich and is closely connected to several national and international research departments.

In addition to conventional methods of structural testing, EndoLab® has established a department of Finite-Element-Analysis. The availability of a full range of theoretical and experimental procedures provides our customers with the advantage of synergistic application of both methods.

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The scope of available implant tests is divided into anatomically orientated groups of application. The hip implant section includes wear tests using a ISO hip joint simulator and multiple ISO and ASTM tests to determine the fatigue properties of stemmed femoral components, acetabular cups and balls. Screening tests for new implant materials are also available.

The knee implant section also includes the determination of wear performance in a ISO knee joint simulator. There are multiple tests for research and development of new knee implants available. Finite Element Analysis will be an sufficient tool regarding the complex geometry of knee implants. Upcoming ISO regulations can be followed as well as custom test procedures for individual needs.

The spine implant section covers the demands of a fast growing medical market by new designed test procedures. ASTM tests as well as upcoming ISO regulations can be followed. Quasistatic mechanical properties as well as fatigue and wear properties can be determined. The complex design of spinal implants may require analysis and design of individual tests.

The growing market of vascular implants is accompanied by multiple international accepted tests performed by EndoLab® GmbH. The field of stent testing is an ideal example for the synergy effects of FEM analysis and mechanical tests offered by our laboratories. Fatigue properties of stents can be determined by our high speed equipment using laser controlled PID measurement. Radial force tests as well as dilatation tests are modules of a complete test procedure required for certification.

Please contact us to set up a test plan that fits your individual requirements.

Currently we are running:

  • 36Servohydraulic
    Test Frames
  • 2Electromechanical Test Frame
    for Material Testing
  • 112Spine/Hip
    Wear Stations
  • 32Knee Wear
  • 11Stent Fatigue
    Test Frames
  • 1Multiaxial Peripheral
    Stent Test Frame

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