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Shoulder glenoid shear - ASTM F1829

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ASTM F1829: Standard Standard Test Method for Static Evaluation of Glenoid Locking Mechanism in Shear.

This test method covers a method for determining the static shear disassembly force of modular glenoid components used in shoulder prostheses. It is intended to be used as a design validation and for comparison with other prostheses. A minimum of n=5 implants each is loaded in inferior-superior and anterior-posterior direction until mechanical failure occurs.

The test set-up must be designed to allow for lateral displacement of the insert under load. Rigid fixation of the loading fixture to the load actuator will result in wrong (higher) loads. Depending on the insert fixation design, some implants might not be suitable for testing according to ASTM F1829.  

Implant Testing - Shoulder glenoid shear - ASTM F1829