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Patella specification - ASTM F1672

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ASTM F1672: Standard Specification for Resurfacing Patellar Prosthesis.

This specification covers patellar resurfacing devices used to provide a functioning articulation between the bones of the patella and the femur. This specification is intended to provide basic descriptions of material and device geometry. Additionally, those characteristics determined to be important for in-vivo performance of the device are defined.

EndoLab® is offering a variety of mechanical tests, such as dislocation or lateral subluxation tests, component disassociation tests, fixation failure tests, device fracture tests, contact area and contact pressure tests, articular surface wear tests (ISO 14243-5), porous metal coating tests and others, specially designed for patella implants.


Implant Testing - Patella specification - ASTM F1672 Patella specification - ASTM F1672