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Hip surface analysis ISO 7206-2

Normative References  

ISO 7206-1: Implants for surgery - Partial and total hip joint prostheses - Part 1: Classification and designation of dimensions

ISO 7206-2: Implants for surgery - Partial and total hip joint prostheses: Articulating surfaces made of metallic, ceramic and plastic materials

ASTM F2033: Standard Specification for Total Hip Joint Prosthesis and Hip Endoprosthesis Bearing Surfaces Made of Metallic, Ceramic, and Polymeric Materials

ASTM F2068: Standard Specification for Femoral Prostheses—Metallic Implants

ASTM F2091: Standard Specification for Acetabular Prostheses

ASTM F2791:Standard Guide for Assessment of Surface Texture of Non-Porous Biomaterials in Two Dimensions

ISO 7206-2 describes the requirements on the surfaces (roughness, spericity, dimensional tolerances …) of hip joint prostheses. Please see also ISO 21534 and 21535 for further information about the surface properties.