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News  20.07.2020

Adaptation of the EndoLab® hip joint simulator for testing a CMC joint replacement to meet customer-specific requirements

To date, there are no testing standards for the mechanical testing of CMC (Carpometacarpal) joint prostheses available. In collaboration with our customer, specific test protocols were established as part of implant performance testing to demonstrate that the CMC joint prosthesis was able to withstand physiological forces that it will be subjected to after implantation in the thumb base joint.

The EndoLab® hip joint simulator enabled the recreation of the applicable biomechanics of the CMC joint. The simulator was adapted to meet the following specific requirements:
a) Application of relevant physiological CMC joint loads, which are only a fraction of the loads acting in a hip joint
b) Cyclic actuation replicating the function of the implant in the thumb base joint
c) Programmed load blocks to simulate the relevant in-vivo cycles

Testing was successfully completed on schedule despite the corona-related limitations. You can count on us even in difficult times!

The EndoLab Mechanical Engineering GmbH is always keen on pushing the limits of biomechanical testing and development together. Don’t hesitate to contact us at mail@endolab.org to see if we can help realizing your next project.

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