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Galvanic Corrosion - ASTM F3044

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ASTM F3044: Test Method for Standard Test Method for Evaluating the Potential for Galvanic Corrosion for Medical Implants

This test method assesses the occurrence of galvanic corrosion of two dissimilar metals in electrical contact, which are intended to be used as medical implants or implant components. The corrosion rate is calculated based on the average current and potential data of the last fifteen minutes of the test. For measurement, we use a high-precision computerized potentiostat.
As described in the standard, a visual inspection of the implants using a stereomicroscope is performed before and after the test. We use phosphate buffered saline (PBS) as the standard test fluid, but other simulated physiological solutions are also possible (as listed in test standard ASTM F2129, Appendix X2).  

Implant Testing - Galvanic Corrosion - ASTM F3044