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PI-65: Determination of Total Ankle Replacement Contact Pressure

ASTM F2665: Standard Specification for Total Ankle Replacement Prosthesis

Pressure distribution and pressure level are two of the factors influencing wear of total ankle replacements. Using pressure films, the contact area as well as the amount of pressure (in MPa) can be precisely determined. To gain reproducible results avoiding the disadvantages of pressure films, EndoLab® developed a computerized calibration method. An individual calibration is performed for every sheet and test series. Digital image processing is used to analyse the results. The aim of the test is to evaluate the pressure distribution and total contact area between the talar component and tibial insert of a total ankle replacement system under different flexion angles and loads. These results can be used to develop optimized geometries.  

Implant Testing - Flächenpressung Sprunggelenkendoprothese PI-65