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Crush resistance with radial applied load ISO 25539 / ASTM F3067

Normative References  

ISO 25539‐2: Cardiovascular implants - Endovascular devices - Part 2: Vascular stents.

ASTM F3067: Guide for Radial Loading of Balloon Expandable and Self Expanding Vascular Stents

The purpose of this test is to determine the load/deformation characteristics of the stent, while a circumferentially uniform radial load is applied.
The stent is compressed using a uniform rate of compression, starting with a diameter equal to the maximum indicated vessel diameter. The load and the associated diameter are recorded while compressing the stent until an appreciable reduction on force occurs or a diameter reduction of at least 50% is reached.

For these tests, EndoLab® is using a compression station for Radial Force Testing (“iris tester”).