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Guide for assessment of hard-on-hard articulation THR devices PI-72

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PI-72: (WK24686) Standard Guide for Assessment of Hard-on-Hard Total Hip Replacement Devices of Acetabular Devices for Total Hip Replacement

This guide describes material and design recommendations and general test methods for the assessment of implantable devices with metal-on-metal or ceramic-on-ceramic articulations intended to replace a hip joint.
Amongst others, test services evaluating the dimensional properties (such as head-to-cup clearance, articular surface roughness, sphericity, coating characterization) and physical properties (such as wear, friction, impingement, shell/cup deformation, push out strength, strength of ceramic heads) are provided. Appropriate ASTM international or ISO standards are commonly used for these analyses. EndoLab® and its partner laboratories will provide a full test series according to this standard guide.