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Spinal implants – interconnections mechanisms and subassemblies ASTM F1798

Normative References  

ASTM F1798: Evaluation of the static and fatigue properties of interconnection mechanisms and subassemblies used in spinal arthrodesis implants.

This test method covers the measurement of uniaxial static and fatigue strength, and resistance to loosening of the component interconnection mechanisms of spinal arthrodesis implants. The purpose of this test method is to provide a means of mechanically characterizing different designs of spinal implant interconnections. Ultimately, the various components and interconnections should be combined for static and fatigue testing of the spinal implant construct. It is not the intention of this test method to address the analysis of spinal implant constructs or subconstructs, nor to define levels of performance of spinal implants, as insufficient knowledge is available to predict the consequences of the use of particular spinal implant designs.