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News  10.01.2022

We are proud to present you the newest add to our machine park: our rotating bending testing machine!
Rotating bending tests are performed to determine the resistance of round specimens to fatigue bending stresses.
This is important for mechanical structures like shafts, spindles etc., but also for medical devices such as rods for spinal applications.
One of our new testing machine’s most distinctive features is the capability of testing calcium phosphate as well as metallic coatings on round samples in both shear and bending directions.
Moreover, its technical assets include:

  • Variable test frequency of up to 65Hz
  • Load application via hoisting system which applies the corresponding torque to the sample
  • Frictionless pivot bearing
  • Active RPM control
  • Automatic stop at the point of sample fracture
The machine is equipped for testing according to ASTM F1160-14 and ISO 1143:2010 standards.
A big shout-out to our R&D team who developed and realised the machine!