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News  19.03.2020

Corona update

Our philosophy at this trying time:

Our mission:
Since the health of all is close to our hearts, we consistently implement the official guidelines and regulations at state and federal level and the internal instructions of EndoLab GmbH. Our aim is to act responsibly and to protect our employees and society. This has top priority.
Work ability:
Complying with all safety measures, we are currently still able to work and maintain active operations. Our employees continue testing and are using digital tools in order to maintain communication and to work with you efficiently.
Our team can be reached by e-mail and telephone. Please feel free to contact us by mail@endolab.org if you have any questions or concerns. We will then forward your inquiry internally for the quickest possible response.
Should anything change in terms of work ability or availability, we will inform you instantly on our website. Thank you for your trust! We remain positive that we will master this challenge, together.