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EndoLab is a certified test laboratory according to ISO 17025 being specialized in implant testing, computer simulation and development of custom made test set-ups including wear simulators. Our customers benefit from more than 20 years of experience in implant testing.

Our laboratories are performing mechanical tests for almost every type of implant. In general, EndoLab tests are based on ISO and ASTM normative references. In addition, EndoLab has developed a number of custom made CE certified tests.

Please contact us to set up a test plan that fits your individual requirements.

Hip joint prostheses / Knee implants / Spinal implants / Shoulder implants / Finger implants
Osteosynthesis / Instruments / Ankle implants / Vascular implants / Material testing
Dental implants / Particle analysis

The scope of available implant tests is divided into anatomically orientated groups of application. The hip implant section includes wear tests using a ISO hip joint simulator and multiple ISO and ASTM tests to determine the fatigue properties of stemmed femoral components, acetabular cups and balls. Screening tests for new implant materials are also available.

EndoLab GmbH offers a variety of technological services to develop and certify medical products worldwide (CE and FDA certification).

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